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I made this post because I can't have an About Me page in Medium for me to share a story about me.

So, my name is Prima and I'm a freelancer from Indonesia. My speciality is in writing stuff e.g. content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, etc. I also help clients convert their Bahasa text into English, vice versa.

I manage a blog called Productive Blogger, a personal blog about 2 of my favorite topics: blogging and self improvement.

I'm still new in this freelancing world, so I have plenty to learn and master if I want to succeed here.

Before we move further, first I want to tell you about how I jump into writing stuff. For your information, I was not a huge fan of writing nor it’s sister, reading, to start with. I hated writing passionately.

So how come a non-passionate-writer is able to manage a blog which has produced around 50 blog posts (I know these numbers aren't catchy, but it does mean something for me). So here's how.

Entering The Writingsphere

It all started in 2014 when I received a letter of assignment that I was assigned to the Organization Development (OD) team. A part of the HR team which some of the focus was to induce a company culture through several communication media such as portal news, employee magazine, posters, and other relevant communication tools.

The main channel needed to be maintained every month was the company portal news.

In short, I was responsible for updating news in the portal. Started from planning the content, setting up meetings with respective informants, conducting interviews and collecting the picture as well. After that, I start making the news draft, submit it to my superior to be checked, revise if any (okay, revise most of the time), and proceed with the publication.

At that time, I had no idea what a content writer was all about. But judging from the day to day activities I had, I'm pretty sure that I was a content writer back then.

As I said earlier, I wasn't a huge fan of writing. Therefore, I was struggling a lot to survive the job.

Revision after revision has become my daily routine. From typo to inaccurate word choosing which led to confusion for the readers. And as a result, I had to revise the draft, sometimes even rewrite it over from scratch. Such a pain in the ass.

However, as time went by, I kept practicing my writing skill. I started to enjoy doing all the process. I still made some mistakes here and there, but the number of revisions started to fall. Writing has become one of my daily practices.

Starting A Blog

After 2 years spent some time taking the responsibility as a content writer, I was moved to another section of HR, People Development.

In the new team I was in charge of taking care of all of the training plan implementation activities. From preparing, monitoring the activity to following up the training result and effectivity (behavior change).

I was also appointed to facilitate several training subjects such as email writing and English communication skills. This opportunity no doubt had grown my interest in developing people.

After a couple months I was absent from writing, I found that I started to miss writing. But the question was, where and what should I write about. So after considering some options, from writing a diary, writing a book to…start a blog.

So at the end of 2016, I started my blog and joined millions of bloggers around the web.

Fast forward, after failing with 3 previous blogs, I started The Productive Blogger, a personal blog about blogging, lifestyle and self growth in 2019.

Back to The Future.

When I started The Productive Blogger, my plan was to simply share my thoughts and experience about blogging and productivity. But, in 2021 after getting my first income from the blog, the direction had started to change.

My vision in 2022 was to become a professional blogger, which simply means getting paid by blogging.

Sadly, or perhaps luckily, after several dramatic moments at work, I decided to leave the company I had been working for 10 years. The initial plan was to move to another company. But it seems Allah has another plan for me.

After submitting numerous application letters to countless companies, none of them follow through with my application. Sad, disappointed, but also excited to take my blog and writing career into the next step.

I mean, of course it sucks to get your application rejected, while you also have mouths to feed. Not to mention the insecurity feelings when seeing your friends' catchy job titles on LinkedIn.

But, I must admit that this is the path I want to take. Of course it will be miserable at first. Every successful person screwed up too when they started something new, didn't they? So, I decided to change and start treating my blog and writing career seriously.

It still sucks when LinkedIn sends notification that my friends got promoted. But, naah…so what. Everyone has their own path don't they?

For me, my paths are blogging and writing. This is my choice and I will take full responsibility upon it.

Wrap It Up

As a believer, I choose to believe that Allah had decided our destiny from the very first beginning. What happened to me was also part of His beautiful plan. Therefore, why waste so much time and effort whining and complaining when we can do something else like taking all of this shitty moment as an opportunity to move forward.

I'm a blogger and writer. And I'm grateful about it.



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